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This is an email i recieved from GameFreak Inc regarding Satoshi Tajiri the Creater of Pokemon

Dear webmaster,

This is Yuri Sakurai from Gamefreak inc (Tokyo, Japan)

I am a press officer in our company "GameFreak inc."
We found this article on your website.
I have to ask about an article.

When I was seeing Tajiri's page on Wikipedia,
Although there is a text about asperger syndrome in "Satoshi Tajiri" page.
There is the state of being untrue.
Then, this Untrue causes from your website.

This is not the truth.
Tajiri has not Autism and Asperger syndrome.

So, Please delete his text and his picture asap
 (Actually he is not Tajiri)

And I would like to ask you, what is this news source?
We have a trouble about this matter.

I am waiting for your reply.


Yuri Sakurai
 E-Mail :

 Information Coordinator
 Development Department


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