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What does the future hold 

For People With Asperger Syndrome

Children with AS can learn to manage their differences, but they may continue to find social situations and personal relationships challenging, but becasue Aspergers did not come about until just a few short decades ago, long term case studies are virtually nonexistent.

afew things to know

People with Asperger's Syndrome will not lose the symptoms of the disorders. They may be camouflaged through ageing and adaptive measures, but they are not lost.

Employment and normal functioning in society is a possibility, although it might take time to finding the job that is a good fit.

The Big one is can a person with Aspergers find Love and the answer is yes they can find love the just need to find that one person who in understanding and willing to overlook the little things aspergers People do.

If you check out the Famous people with Asperger Syndrome page you will see that the possibilities are endless but Mathematics and Other Sciences seem to be strong points.

At this point parents and carers are urged not to look for long-term studies in an attempt to predict what the future may hold for children or adolescents, but instead to focus with single minded intent on adaptive measures that will help the individuals affected with Asperger's Syndrome to master the here and now.

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