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Asperger Syndrome Key Characteristics

Many of the Characteristics in Asperger Syndrome are very similar to the characteristics in Autism. The main characteristics can differ greatly and some may be demonstrated more strongly than others due to everyone being different. The Key Characteristics are:

Difficulty with Social Relationships Unlike people with classic autism, whom often appear withdrawn and uninterested in the world around them, Many people with Asperger Syndrome try very hard to be sociable and enjoy human contact. However they do find if hard to understand the non-verbal signals like facial expressions.

Difficulty with Communications people with Asperger Syndrome may sometimes speak very fluently but they may not take much notice of the reaction of people listening to them. They may talk on and on regardless if the person there talking to is not interested. Despite having good language skills, people with Asperger Syndrome may some times sound over-precise or over-literal. Some times jokes can cause problems as can exaggerated language and metaphors. An example of this could be a simple statement like "she bit my head off" this statement may confuse or frightened the person with Asperger's.

Limitations in Imagination While Asperger's people often excel at learning facts and figures they can find it hard to think in abstract ways. This can cause problems for children in school where they may have difficulty with certain subjects such as literature or religious studies.

Special Interests People with Asperger's often develop an almost obsessive interest in a hobby or collection. Usually their interest involves arranging or memorizing facts about certain subjects. Some children with Asperger's may also be very precise while playing with tops and find it hard when other children try to join in and move objects from a certain place. However with encouragement, interests can be developed so that some people with Asperger's can go on to study or work in their favourite subjects.

Love of Routines For people with Asperger's any unexpected change in a routine can be upsetting. Young Children may impose their new routine, such as insisting on always going the same way to school. At home or school they may get upset by sudden changes, such as changes to class activities. People with Asperger's often prefer to order their day according to a set pattern. If they have set hours and there is any delay, such as a traffic hold up or any general lateness this can cause them to be anxious or upset.

Poor Concentration and Easily Distracted is very common with children with Asperger Syndrome can as they often appear off task and may be easily distracted over the littlest of things.


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