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Getting a Diagnostic

Who can diagnose you whith Aspergers is a big Question?

The 3 main professionals who can help are Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists or Paediatricians.

In the UK the best place to start is your local GP who can refer you to correct professional to help, or you could contact the Natinal Autistic Society who have a small list of qualified and practitioners who could also help.


How long does a Diagnostic Take?

Diagnosis can take many months to wait for appointments. If you have the cash you can go private which will be faster but alot more expensive.

Please try this aspergers test, 90% people with aspergers who take the quiz get a score of 25 or higher

Click Here for a Online Asperger Test

The above test is nothing to do with this website but an useful website that i found while researching


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